Non-Slam Disc Check Valve
FlowBiz Brand Disc Check Valve (Wafer Type) serves chemical, Food processing, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, Power Generation, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Cooling Systems & many more. The valves are used in Oil lines, Hot and cold water systems, Processing lines, steam, condensates, Gas lines & other media. 

Size Range: 1/2inch to 4 inches (15mm to 50mm) Screwed End
Size Range: 1/2inch to 12 inches (15mm to 300mm) Wafer Type

Mechanism :
Disc Check Valves open by the fluid’s line pressure and close through a compression spring when the flow stops; hence, they prevent flow.

•  Designed and Manufactured as per BS 7438
• Testing Standard: As per API 598

Silent Features:
• An advanced & compact design allows full flow with a minor space requirement than other types of NRV.
• Easy installation between two pipes or flanges.
• Spring-loaded disc to prevent flow back into pipelines
• More robust, smaller & lighter than general NRV
• Reasonable & Economical to install and maintain
• Selection of various flange types
• Can be installed in any direction/plane or pipelines
• Size ranges from 15 mm to 300 mm.
• Self-centring design requires low operating pressure.
• Soft seat makes it a Zero leakage valve.
• Testing standard: As per API 598

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