Cast Steel Swing Check Valve (Bolted Cover)

FlowBiz Brand Swing Check Valves are Automatic Valves that open with the forward flow and close with reverse flow.
FlowBiz makes Swing Check Valve mounted with a disc that swings on a hinge. The disc swings off the seat to provide forward flow, and when the flow is stopped, the disc swings back onto the seat to block reverse flow.

Industries We Serve:
 Refineries, Power Stations, Process and General Industry
•  For Water, Steam, Gas, Oil, and Other Media
•  Other applications on request

Size Range: 2 inch to 24 inch (50mm to 600mm)

Class: 150 class to 600 Class

Operating Date:
•  Maximum allowable pressure 1500 psi (106 bar)
•  Maximum allowable temperature 1500˚ F (816˚ C)
•  Pressure/Temperature retings par ASME B16.34

Design Specification :
•  Check Valve Design per BS 1868
•  Pressure / Temperature Rating per ASME B16.34
•  End to End dimension per ASME B16.10
•  Flange dimension per ASME B16.5
•  Testing per API 598
•  Bolted Cover
•  Internally Mounted Hinge (2” to 12”)
•  Stainless Steel / Graphite Gaskets

Design Specifcations(Check Valves):
General Valve Design                     : BS 1868
Pressure / Temperature Rating   : ASME B16.34
Flange Dimensions                        : ASME B16.5
Buttweld Ends                                : ASME B16.25
End-to-End                                      : ASME B16.10
Testing                                             : API 598

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